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Welcome to Bhatti Dental Clinic, the best dental clinic in Karachi dedicated to providing exceptional dental care. Our clinic is known for its patient-centric approach and commitment to patient satisfaction. We take pride in being home to the best dentists in Karachi, ensuring every patient receives top-notch treatment. 

Our dental hospital in Karachi is equipped with the state of the art technology and modern facilities, designed to make your visit comfortable and efficient. At Bhatti Dental Clinic, your oral health is our top priority, and we strive to deliver high standard dental care in a welcoming environment.

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We provide excellent treatment & products to our patients and our satisfied with the fact that our prices and products have no equal competitor

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All our equipment and dental material are top of the line and sterilized to provide a healthy yet calm environment

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Our whole staff is dedicated to keeping themselves updated with all new information, dental trends & technology to provide you the best treatment possible

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What Services We Offer

Bhatti Dental Clinic are providing all types of Dental Services. Just click on view all services button and know about our services


At Bhatti Dental Clinic, our expert Periodontists in Karachi provide extensive care to keep your gums healthy and your smile radiant. Our tooth whitening services help you achieve a beautiful smile, while our state of the art scaling & polishing treatments remove plaque and tartar for optimal oral health.

Oral Surgery

At Bhatti Dental Clinic, we have the best maxillofacial surgeon in Karachi offering top-tier oral surgery in Karachi. From wisdom teeth extractions to complex jaw surgeries, our expert team ensures optimal care. Trust our Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon in Karachi for safe, effective, and compassionate surgical solutions tailored to your needs.

Bhatti Dental Clinic


Looking for an endodontist in Karachi? At Bhatti Dental Clinic, we have the best verified endodontist, who are expert and skilled in root canal treatments and saving natural teeth. Our best verified endodontists provide precise, pain-free procedures. Schedule an appointment with the leading endodontist in Karachi today!

Bhatti Dental Clinic

Why Choose Bhatti Dental Clinic?

At Bhatti Dental Clinic, your smile is our priority. As the best dental clinic in Karachi, we offer top-notch dental care with our team of experienced and highly qualified dental professionals. Our commitment to excellence makes us the best dental clinic in Karachi.

Our patient-centric approach sets us apart. We believe in personalized care, taking the time to understand your unique needs and planning personalized treatment plans. At Bhatti Dental Clinic, we have the best dentists in Karachi working in a state-of-the-art dental hospital in Karachi to bring you the highest standard of dental care.

Best Dental Clinic That You Can Trust

Founded in 1995, Bhatti Dental Clinic has been dedicated to helping people achieve their beautiful smiles for nearly 30 years. Our mission is to provide exceptional dental care with a focus on patient comfort and satisfaction. 

As the best dental clinic in Karachi, we are committed to excellence in all aspects of dental health. Our vision is to be the leading dental hospital in Karachi, known for our state-of-the-art facilities and compassionate care. 


Dental Hospital in Karachi

At Bhatti Dental Clinic, we offer the best dental care to our patients. Our dental hospital in Karachi is equipped with state of the art dental technology and equipment, ensuring precise and effective treatments.

Experience the highest standard of dental services at Bhatti Dental Clinic, where the best dentists in Karachi work in a state-of-the-art facility to bring you unparalleled care. Trust us to take care of your smile with the expertise and dedication that make us the preferred dental clinic in Karachi.

Our Client's Testimonials

Muhammad Hammad Bhatti
Muhammad Hammad Bhatti
Thank you Dr Ahsan Bhatti for giving me my smile back.
Adnan talib
Adnan talib
Best Dental Clinic. They did my treatment very well, I am recommended Dr Ahsan. He is a great man.
Great experience Satisfied with treatment🙂.
Esha Kazmi
Esha Kazmi
I had a great experience with Dr. Ahsan. He is a very professional and experienced dentist. He treated me with care and without any pain. Will recommend his services.
Saad Bhatti
Saad Bhatti
I highly recommend his dental services to anyone in need. My experience at Bhatti Dental Clinic was great. I was anxious for my treatment before, but Dr. Ahsan was very kind. He calmed me down and explained the procedure to me. My tooth extraction could had been surgical, but Dr. Ahsan gently extracted my decayed tooth without it. He is a skilled and very capable doctor.

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